Student Safety Plans

Who Should Have This Information?

There was another recent arbitration with the Toronto Catholic District School Board (June 2018) that supports our position around the Safety Plan and who is entitled to the information in the plan. It is OECTA’s position that the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) at each school should be made aware of student safety plans. The site-based JHSC has an essential role in reviewing risks to health and safety at the worksite. This role is supported under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Part of the risk at a worksite includes workplace violence (from a student) where a document that addresses risks of injury to staff is required to be given to the JHSC. This is essential in order for the JHSC to perform their function.


The arbitration also clarifies, and it is the position of OECTA, that any worker that would encounter the student, and therefore be at risk for violence, be made aware of the risk and should be shown the parts of the safety plan that are relevant. In cases where violence can spill over into other classrooms, or occur outside at recess, this would mean that the entire staff be made aware of the relevant parts of the safety plan.


If you require any information regarding this call Alison Coyle, Health & Safety Advisor, at the Unit Office.

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