Safe School Forms

As a teacher it is important to know your responsibilities when it comes to reporting and responding to incidents in your school. There is a duty for all workers in a school to report incidents that are witnessed if they could be considered for suspension or expulsion. If you are not sure what these are, there is a list printed in the front of the student agenda as well as on the board website under policies, protocols and by-laws – students: miscellaneous section – sm09 code of student conduct. Some of these include:


• Uttering a threat to inflict serious bodily harm on another person;

• Swearing at a teacher or at another person in a position of authority;

• Committing an act of vandalism that causes damage to school property at the student’s school or to property located on the premises of the student’s school;

• Bullying;

• Any act considered by the principal to be injurious to the moral tone of the school;

• Any act considered by the principal to be injurious to the physical or mental well-being of any member of the school community;

• Any act considered by the principal to be contrary to the Board or School Code of Conduct which includes, but is not limited to: (a) persistent truancy (b) profane or improper language (c) habitual neglect of duty (d) persistent opposition to authority (e) wilful destruction of school property (f) activities which necessitate police involvement.


To report an incident, fill out a Safe Schools Form: Part I. They should be available in the office at your school. Your principal responds to this report by submitting a Safe Schools Form: Part II to the person who made the report. Keep a copy of the form for your records. Let the unit office know if you are discouraged from filling this form out. We anticipate a change to the reporting system in the near future and will keep you updated.

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