M. Calcagni


Breast Cancer has been an issue in my family for many years. Many in my family were affected and lost their battle years ago….my grandmother and my great grandmother just to name a few. It all started up again in 2009 when my cousin, Donna Stampone was diagnosed with the disease. We were shocked by the news, but we were blessed that she had caught it early. Only 1 year later, my Aunt, Wilma Prosia, Donna’s mother, was also diagnosed with this disease. And then again, 2 years later we found out that my own mother, Rita Calcagni was diagnosed. We were shocked that 3 women from the same family were diagnosed in the course of 3 years. It definitely brought us together as a family to help these amazing women fight their battles. My family has been participating in the Bright Run for Breast Cancer Research since 2009, to help raise money for this horrible disease and to support these women in their battles. Our team’s name, In it Together, means so much to us. We do it for them every year and we do it united as a family!
Unfortunately in 2016, my beautiful aunt lost her battle with breast cancer. It was a very difficult time for my family to lose this strong role model. But, once again, we came together to remember her honour. My mother continues to fight her battle with breast cancer. My mother is one of the strongest women I know and we are always there for her. She will not go down without a fight and we are always behind her 100%. For many years my mother Rita decided to take it upon herself to organize a fundraiser at our annual family reunion to raise money for the Bright Run. This year, we decided to do something bigger to honour these amazing women in our lives.
Together with my mother Rita, my father Fred, and my sisters, Amanda and Danielle (who is also a teacher with our board), we created the Fight against Breast Cancer Fundraiser to help raise money for Breast Cancer research. All proceeds from this event will be donated to our Bright Run team’s initiative. This event will be taking place on April 7, 2018 at Liuna Gardens. Tickets are being sold for $50. The event will include a full sit-down meal, raffle prizes, many different games and a silent auction. We welcome our community to attend this event. For tickets, please contact myself, Mark Calcagni at mcalcagni90@hotmail.com or Rita Calcagni at rcalcagni@sourcecable.net for tickets. You can also reach as at (905) 575-5442. Come out, enjoy a fun night out and help us support thousands of brave and courageous women who continue to fight their battles with Breast Cancer every day!

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