J. Parco

Teachers care about children inside and outside of the classroom

ESL teacher and OECTA H-W member Julie Parco of St. Agnes School was recognized by the Hamilton Police Services for exemplary service and for making the community a safer place to live.

Julie received the “Police Partnership Award” for rescuing a toddler. The child was on the road and Julie saved her from oncoming traffic on King St. and HWY 20. The little girl was in diapers and barefoot, and had walked away from home unnoticed. Julie stopped to save the little girl, called 911 and then remained with the officer for an hour going door-to-door until her parents and home were eventually found.

On a daily basis, teachers put the lives of others before themselves. We are honoured to have Julie as a member as OECTA H-W. Congratulations Julie!

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