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OECTA Hamilton-Wentworth member, E. Graziani, recently released a published novel entitled War in My Town. The non-fiction account is based on her family’s experiences in their Nazi occupied village in Italy during World War II. This very important book, written for young readers, educates in matters of history, diversity, tolerance and character, and is published by award-winning Toronto publisher Second Story Press.
WAR IN MY TOWN – a WWII memoir for young readers
Life for teenaged Bruna is turned upside down when her small Italian village becomes the center of fighting in the last months of World War II.
Bruna is the youngest of seven children, living an idyllic life in a small Italian village in northern Tuscany. Though the Second World War has been raging in Europe for some time, the dangers haven’t seemed to reach her, and the Italian leader Mussolini’s allegiance with Hitler and the distant reports of fighting seem far away. But before long, Bruna’s brothers are called to fight and by 1943 food rationing and shortages begin to take a toll on her family.
Soon the Italian people turn against their fascist regime and war comes to the region. When the retreating Nazis occupy her village, Bruna struggles to cope and help her mother and sisters stand up to the soldiers. Her peaceful life is shattered when her beloved village and its occupants find themselves in the center of the fighting between the Nazis and the Allied forces pursuing them – the final front defended by the Nazis in Europe.
Including a map and photographs, War in My Town is a true story based on the experiences of the author’s mother and her family.

ALICE OF THE ROCKS – a novel for young adults
ALICE OF THE ROCKS connects the stories of two young couples who fall in love, one in Renaissance Florence and the other in Florence of the near future, 2029. The love stories play out simultaneously, with both couples coming to grips with very different obstacles. ALICE OF THE ROCKS takes its readers on a romance filled, adventurous and suspenseful ride with twists and turns, as, with the help of Leonardo da Vinci, the young lovers’ journey through a rift in time to overcome the villainous Medici, restore their innocence and come to terms with their future. Set against the picturesque Florentine countryside, the Medici Palace and a Tuscan monastery where da Vinci keeps his mysterious new invention secretly hidden, ALICE OF THE ROCKS is a purely self indulgent, entertaining and fast paced read. E. Graziani has weaved a perfect mix of literary genres, combining time travel, science fiction and historical romance, which will pull you in and keep you in suspense till the very last page. The places in Italy come to life in vivid detail, with captivating characters that will make you cheer for them.

JESS UNDER PRESSURE – a women’s fiction novella
Dr. Jessica Britton’s life sparkles with the sheen of success and happiness. Her bestselling book, “Give More, Do More, Be Better!” modelled after her own life experiences, inspires readers all over the world to achieve a perfectly balanced lifestyle that includes career, family, and happiness.
This happiness is shattered when Jess’s husband is killed in a fatal car accident, leaving Jess with the shocking truth that her perfect life was nothing more than a carefully veiled wall of illusion.
Consumed by grief for more than her dead husband, Jess unexpectedly leaves Toronto after a particularly grueling interview and finds herself in the small town of Gananoque.
Broken, impaired, and in desperate need of healing, Jess is rescued by Susie, who takes her home, and along with her other friends, helps her deal with her situation by letting her know that no one has the perfect life, but everyone can work through their issues and come out stronger on the other side with the right kind of support.
Author Bio: E. Graziani
E. Graziani, an elementary teacher and a born and bred Hamiltonian, resides in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada with her husband and four daughters. She graduated in 1988 from McMaster University with a History B.A., specializing in Renaissance and Reformation History. Graziani is a self-proclaimed life-long learner who believes in constantly setting new goals for herself and working hard to achieve them. Her love of history, word artistry, and storytelling help to fuel these goals, as do her students who particularly enjoy her classroom read-alouds. She teaches grades 4/5 at St. David Catholic Elementary School in Hamilton.
Graziani’s love of writing took a serious turn when she discovered an old university essay in her basement, which she had penned on the Role of Women in the Renaissance. Having always loved strong female characters in literature, an idea for a novel began to crystalize and soon she had written the first page of her debut YA novel “Alice of the Rocks”, the first of two in the series, published by Morning Rain Publishing. In addition, a women’s fiction novella by E. Graziani, entitled, “Jess Under Pressure”, was published in April of 2015, also by Morning Rain Publishing.
E. Graziani has also written her mother’s memoirs, recounting the Nazi occupation of her village in WW II Italy. “War in My Town”, published by Toronto’s award winning feminist press, Second Story Press, was a labour of love for the author and was released across Canada and the U.S. in April of 2015.
E. Graziani’s latest book ‘Breaking Faith” is now available worldwide. It is a contemporary fiction novel that has been acquired by award winning publisher, Second Story Press, and is a heart-wrenching look at child and teen mental illness, homelessness and drug abuse. It was released March 14, 2017 and launched on Sunday April 2nd at Different Drummer Books in Burlington, ON.

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